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Country fairs
Kennel Club Liaison Council Breeds Council
Ch. Brittyhill Sorrel
Liz Muir
Des O"Neile
Midland Game Fair 2015
Registering Black and Liver TRicolours
Article on electronic collars
Know a dog friendly business?
Responding to AB Brittany's verses EB brittanys
Gamebird holder...leather
Gamebird holder...paracord
Lead and collar I made today...
misinformation ???
What happened to Autumn...
Over exercising dogs
Some people...
2nd language ???
Andrew Stewart
happy 2015
Aren't people kind
New Breeds?
Student Survey
KC New qualification
Jane Taylor
A Breton could be good at this...
KC Halloween Advice
North Island Gundog Trials
Fur kids
The working relationship
KC Breed watch education
The decent thing
How old is your dog
Dog Tracker Plus
Mac Users?
Social Media
Could the amount of exercise be a factor in learning
Contagious yawning
Exercise and dog ownership
Want to spy on your dog?
KC asks for help
Rudi RIP
Begging letter
Summer warnings
Living alone
Canine intelligence
Should have listened to the Brittany alarm...
Space bar stolen
Assemblée Générale Ordinaire 14 juin 2014
Nesting birds
Lack of play behaviour
Changes to Agility H Regs
KC Vacancy
The difference between dog and cat people
something for the hirsute
KC Canine sports therapy seminar
Changes to the dangerous dogs act
Animal Experimentation consultation
KC Obedience Newsletter
Value of discussion
Yorkshire Gamefair
Midland Game Fair 2014
Advice: Bus from Brest - Lanildut
Exchange of opinions
Pat Hibbs
Life sucks
Oyster season begins
Frustrating France!
government e petition on dog theft
Reflections on the past year
Seasons Greetings
Merry Christmas
Interviews -articles for EB in Greek HUNTER PASSION
Novice trial on partridge
HB Gundog Club 50th Anniversary Pointer and Setter Brace Tri
Annonce Necrologique...
French DVD
and now for something completely different...
My new baby ....
My automated friends and I
Genetics...the breeders nightmare...
My current project...
Eight Braid Plait Lanyard
Can't leave home without my Breton...
Something great is about to happen here in New Zealand...
It is our Queen's Birthday weekend...
Yet another lanyard
Hare, here
Another lanyard
Five thong flat braid...
Five thong flat braid lanyard...
Four braid ....
Braided lanyard...
Focaccia Bread
Victor Borge...this is gorgeous!!!
Slip lead and Lanyard
A Bushcraft lesson.
FREE KINDLE BOOK: Secrets of A Working Dog...
Kennel Club Training Days for Pointing Breeds
Old English Sheep Dog falls victim to fashion
Spring has not yet sprung...
Fun Breed Quiz
English Language - sheesh.
Other interests.
computer scam.
Educate children about dogs
Wildlife law consultation
FGear review - 'Bumper Boy' 2 shooter.
What else do people do?
Blank Screen
Shell recycling...
Crux Easton Country Fayre
Super Moon
Product endorsement
No Joke
Sad News
BASC Gundog rep
Table cloth trick
Happy New Year
I'm new to this
£1 donation for dog charity
Old Slag
Internet funny...
Brittany MMA Cage match!
More Pics
Trial upload
Save our Countryside
Another NW meeting
BASC welcomes announcement on killer tapeworm controls.
Training ground
What next?
conversing with a dog.
High Speed Rail Link consultation
KC and unregistered dogs
Stop the latest stupid idea from government
Happy Easter, Everyone
proof that television influences even animal behaviour
fur coat trick
News from an oldie....
Edinburgh Marathon - Not me!!
Updated Website
Brittany in The Field
E-mail scam
Hell's bells, its hot...
Women and the Wilderness
The Rabbit
Seasonal Health and Safety
Christmas Wishes
christmas poem
lurchers lured to death
2010 in review...
Puppies for sale
Christmas story - from Scotland
Spring is here, the sap is ris...
Fox Hunting - We've all got a point of view
Found this today....
Color Character Profile
Extract from Escoffier's hunting trip...
This is silly but a bit weird as well...
Dog genetic book
My Monday
Travelling with dogs
Joke: "The Purina Diet"
Ay "Black Fawn"
Does sex matter?
What next - Ice cream for dogs!
HPRBA Ringcraft
The Plague of the Breed
Bird Watching
Democracy in action – scary stuff.
thought for the day
New Book
Easter chicks - specially bred for America
Freezing winters caused by plastic bags
unforeseen deforestation problem
A new baby...
A bit of humour
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