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Garmin Alpha 100 Handheld with 5 TT15 Collars Cost $870 USD
Agility measuring video
Event disease risk reduction
Breed representation at Game Fairs
I think I want a Brittany but I need a little help
Carnet de Travail
Good Citizen Supermatch
Paw Care
Safe place
Kennelling a dog
Bells for hunting your dog cover.
Interview with Steve Wright: Falconer & Top Brittany Bre
Genetics may indicate why some dogs point
thought for the day
Breton 1 - Patio Door 0
Teaching other breeds to run
Friends for Life
Preventing food aggression
sense of self?
Is your dog a pessimist?
who is the best dog in the world?
Clever dog...
KCAI code of practice change
Human speech
Harnesses and pulling
Just in case it's a question you ask yourself
Sable test results
En Vacance
Jealousy in dogs
Action 4 Dogs
Do puppy personality tests work
Scientific Papers
Breed Liaison Council
Dog friendly business award
anyone recognise this dog - waitrose weekend paper
Burnham Beeches
dog on a log
Bee suits for dogs
Hope ...
KC Gundog working test results
Gundogs:Their Past, Their Performance and Their Future
What a small world!
How many ?
Dog food court battle.
So you want to buy a Brittany
Photo Shoot
Only Hope
Mad English
Function or fashion?
The family
On the Moor
Is his something you've noticed?
She can't resist
Working Gundogs - present and future
Birthday Boy
Hunting ranges
20 essential facts for dog lovers.
Open letter of Resignation from the Ex Chairman of the BCGB
Discover Dogs @ Game fairs
Export to Taiwan?
Dog insurance
Gene Harlow and Brittany
Cross Breed?
My Girls
Gorse's picture
Happy Birthday
Working Brittanys in Scotland 1980
Family walk
Gathering game
article by Gunther and Willems
For Patricia
Can a brittany's coat have too much orange?
FCI registration
Brittany is not a Spaniel!
Dog on Dog attacks
Be careful what you wish for
My Brittany attacked the cat
"Well Cool"
New arrival
Versatile Brittany!
new definition of versatile???
She Dog
No better breed
Romanian Brit retrieving a sausage"
Which is more important???
Breed Books
At last
Goodbye to a much loved friend
christmas decorations
Raisins are bad for your!!
Photos from Glyndyfrdwy
And we think we've got is so damned hard?
Interesting DNA results
What it is that we love about the Breton
A few new photos
Art and dog training
Which one do you choose...??? dogs and space...
Annie is getting a friend!
BCGB Calendar
Tackling irresponsible dog ownership
Taking the plunge!
Selby Game Fair - Easter
Yorkshire Game Fair 2012
ideas that provke thought
Lyme disease
Inbreeding coefficient
docking and vets
Health Issues
Pedigree Dogs Exposed two
to kennel or not to kennel
Canine real estate
What do you feed your dog?
I am considering a Brittany! Tell me about your Britts!
Shot over day
Looking for quality Springer
Game down under
Sticky on Point
Brit buried alive
Motley crew pt2
Motley crew
Urban Game
food analysis
Brittany Male for Sale
Pictorial record correction
Lyme Valley Warning
Family dog?
Export abroad
The gang
humans not the only ones to seek inter species friendships
Yorkshire Gamefair
a poem for the old
Selecting a pup - hunting ability and temperment?
Its the dog's whiskers!
Hope loves her TURKEY
The grass hopper dog!
New Years Resolutions
Happy Christmas
A tragic accident
Another new Full Champion
The potential owner of a Brittany!!!
Field versus ring
If looks could kill...
Good dogs ...
12 dogs of christmas
First snow games
Daily beatings
Went to a dog show for a look.
Book review wanted...
Poor Dogs
Canine versus Feline
A thought to ponder
Products found to be excellent...
Brittanys and kids!
Missing the point!
This is fun...
'Toys' for Dogs
Where do your dogs sleep?
Growing Up
Famous Megan!
Other hobbies...
Radio four - what is the point of the Kennel Club?
Stolen pups
Poor Little Sods
Are these ads for real?
Last weekend
Fat Spaniel Cross
Maisie and Kitty Meet ...
Poor Tree
Working ages
Badly behaved?
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