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Le Breton and the heads of today
the GSD back
" Apple" heads
Stan Smith
KC accepted coat colours
getting a " feel" for good conformation
Amendment to breed standard
Hidden tri's
"Rare" colours
Zygomatic arches
do you want short?
conformation article
Split from Victoria Speciality Show.
What is a Sound Dog?
Ideal Heads
brittany gait
Review of breed standard
Conformation II (Heads)
hormone growth promoters
Breed Seminars
French seminar Millau
Photoshopped dock
New Book
French Breed Standard Seminar 2010
anatomy book
Kathys show report
What spaniel is my dog
New more easily understood breed standard
reason for short tail???
Shooting Times Article
corgi bobtail article
more hunting for tailless!
All pretty straight forward
gait / movement
Head including ears and eyes
tails and quality
what do people want?
Docked tails and Showing ??
Results of Survey
1833 painting by Bellange (with an acute on last e)
Duality and Vertebral Allocation
A question
tailed or tailless - that is the question
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