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February 2017 Training and Assessment Weekend
Pup bogs off with the dummy...
Training Wanted for Rescue Dog
Tawd Vale Training Day
Sisters Fighting
Exercising puppies
Recommended Brittany Trainers - South West
too dogmatic ?
mine clearing rats
wild life sniffer dogs
Tawd Vale Training Day
Cold Game out of season
New to Brittanys
Anxiety pooping in crate / crate training
Troubles !
Stubborn Brit
So you want to take your dog out to play article.
wing on a string thoughts
Designing a training plan
Can my dog work?
Food, petting or praise
Puppy training
Jumping on People
Point versus recall
Housebreaking help!
Retrieving assessment
Is verbal praise enough when training your dog?
Will dogs only work reliably for their owners?
Wind, whistles and townie trainers
location points
body language subtleties-horse and dog-
Bolting rabbit...
Need Advice for Training 8 Week Old Puppy
Going all French!
Control and Arousal
hunting bias
Training and what you want...
Memory retrieve
North West HPR Group
Force Fetching??
West Lancs training
Trouble with housebreaking
Caged Quail
Drills and tests
Puppies diary
Do all Brittanys work?
New Year resolutions
hunting range
Puppy training
Training dummys.
your list of commands?
Does it matter?
New dog, training tips?
Dog training?
Is a dog really a best friend? Why?
Stop - how to control predatory chasing in dogs
Recall book
Starting from scratch...
pain v pleasure
Walking My Brittany Pup - How Long and Far?
E collar
Rally Obedience
do dogs learn from each other?
new on line training - part one - pheasant recognition
All in the 'game' ?
Who should own an intelligent dog?
rewarding effort or result?
bogging -off
In or out of control
biothane 5m long line
canvas puppy dummies
licking and mouthing other dogs
Biting Puppy!!!
Self hunting
Tracking/Training Collar
positive encounter
foot scent and direction discrimination
What a great experience
Retrieving Training for Bretons.
Hector's first swimming lesson
Puppy working development
pls help me to understand my new Brittany puppy
Excel-erated learning Pamela Reid
Paw Dominance
Problem getting a retrieve outside the back yard!
A new experience for me.
when to train obedience
Socialising and assessing a lab pup
Chasing ducks
brittany running style.
Training Links here or elsewhere for general puppy training
Rabbit pen pup.
positive pointing breed techniques
Some advice please on heel work…
Conflict of interests !
Introducing the 'Bumper Boy'.
Problem with Barty....
retrieving progression question?
Steady to hares?
What type of dummy are you using?
Beginners Training Lesson # 4 - Steadying your dog.
Colour vision in dogs
Beginner's Training lesson #3 - Marking.
Beginner's Training Lesson # 2 - Holding.
Beginner's Training lesson # 1 - Watch.
ultimate training aid for collies.
Rory Major's DVD
retrieving advice
The Hot Dog
Training methods, reward, etc
When soft is hard; hard is soft...the training paradox...
Soft dogs & retrieving lessons
Simple solutions
Thought you might like this ....
Impromptu training opportunity
Back and fetch
Cockers and standard
direction control
What do you consider important?
Sloooowing things down a bit?
Another milestone
Strange response? How to de-sensitise to non-game?
Water Work
Harder to control when more or less sign?
Teaching to jump
"Walkies !"
A different kind of training opportunities
the teenage years ?
It's starting to come together!
posting questions
brits are now perfect.
I've now got a retriever!
Trying to do away with the e-collar... Help!
Not keen to retrieve?
Smarter trainers, better dogs
Are these trained exercises or natural aptitude ones?
overstimulated in the rain?????
check cord?
Training Document
KC Field Training Day for Pointing Breeds
Behaviour versus Instinct
Retraining Belle the 'orrible !
Too fast for their own good...
petting time
My first Brittany
Agility Dog
Do Brittanys ears freeze in the snow?
Puppy Prodigies - Super Puppy Programs
Crime and Punishment
Too many distractions?
Training Equipment
Has this been trained in do you think?
Sharpening a sit
Training Opportunities
J regs
retreiving a dummy
First trip to a retrieving trial
where have gone the Bretons" of the olden days"
can you teach an old dog new tricks
I've entered a retrieving trial, now what!
Breed differences
Turid Rugaas
hampshire gundog society
It's official, Annie is now a bird dog!
Growling when on retrieving
"Walking at heel."
over excitement????
Jalad points a pigeon.
anyone like to translate this for me?
getting out of hunting mode
...with bells on
What a difference, a whistle makes!
hunting at heel
June Training day - Saturday 6tth June 2009
sometimes she just ignores me!
Snag free check cord?
Focus while hunting
Di Arrowsmith Seminar at Edinburgh
stop whistle
selective pointing??
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